Each hale varied in small details, but in general, the units within each style were the same.  Since locations varied a lot, the views varied with them.  Some were more isolated than others, some got more breezes, some heard more birds.  How did I choose these particular units?  I didn’t. The hale below were either ones I’d stayed in or ones that were vacant when I was there to take pictures. 

One other thing: These were all ‘point and click’ snapshots, the aim of which was to inform you, as accurately as I could within my limitations, what to expect when you walked in the door. 

Over the years I’d stayed in the main styles (New Hebrides, Maori, Tahitian, Samoan), and on the lagoon, the lava, and the sand.  Did I have preferences? Sure. But I’d never stayed in a hale that I had serious issues with.  The New Hebrides were wonderful--roomy, with unobstructed ocean views and a free sunset every evening.  But the cozy Hawaiian units provided free bird songs to wake me in the morning. I was happy either way.


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The hale -- a closer look

Lava Tahitian 10 had been remodeled, and was the only unit with an air conditioner. Under the unit and almost silent, it sent a gentle stream of cool air into the sleeping area. 

Pond Hawaiian 5 (PH5) had also been completely remodeled (no air conditioner, however).  The bathtub had been replaced by an elegant and generous shower, and the floor was tile.

Hawaiian 6 (H6) was one of the smallest units and, like the other one room Hawaiian units, was elevated to the level of the tree canopy, which gave it some additional privacy and opened it to the ocean breezes.

Fijian 6 (F6) was also a small unit, essentially like the Hawaiian unit, except that the Fijian units were more oriented to the lagoon area.

Hawaiian and Fijian-- 336 sq. ft. 

Sand Samoan 2 (SS2)The Samoan units were built with doors on both sides, which allowed for more breezes.  This unit was conveniently located between the Hale Samoa restaurant and the Shipwreck pool and bar. (Lost in the tsunami)

Samoan -- 493 sq. ft.

Sand Hawaiian 3, (SH3) This was a two room hale, set back from the path, but elevated enough to get a view of the ocean.  It was typical of the other SH units

Pond Hawaiian 4 (PH4) was typical of the rest of the PHs except the newly restructured PH5

New Caledonian 3 &4 (NC3 & 4)  These units were designed mainly for larger groups, but could be used as two single hale.

Beach Tahitian 2 (BT2) was the next size up from the Hawaiian and Fijian units. (Lost in the tsunami)

Click on the pictures below for a closer look at each of the hale: